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China researchers sound alarm on ‘traveling smog’

Airborne pollutants from China caused about 40 percent of deaths related to PM 2.5 in the rest of the East Asian region, according to a recent study.

French survey seeks to unravel logic of behavior at red lights

Japanese pedestrians are 20 times less likely to walk through a red light than their French counterparts, but are quicker to follow suit if someone else does first, according to a French study.

Ehime man’s jog in clogs gets nod from Guinness

Hayato Date has run his way into the record books after being officially crowned as the fastest person to complete a full marathon while wearing geta wooden clogs.

Israeli scientists unearth Bronze-Age ‘thinker’

Archaeologists in Israel have uncovered a rare ancient jug adorned with a curious figurine that appears to be a state of contemplation.

Human activity has killed majority of Earth’s animals, report claims

A new biodiversity survey projects staggering losses of animal life on the planet as a result of human threats such as habitat destruction and poaching, with two-thirds of monitored vertebrate creatures expected to be lost by 2020.

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