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Kyoto tree topping in at 60 meters dubbed Japan’s tallest

A cedar said to be 1,000 years old has been crowned Japan’s tallest tree after modern measuring equipment confirmed the living giant in a state-owned forest near Kyoto was almost twice as tall as previously thought. The Forestry Agency confirmed… Continue Reading →

Pair of droids start ‘jobs’ at Shiseido factory

Sporting molded plastic front covers marked “11” and “12”, two humanoid robots nimbly labor away on an assembly line at a make-up factory in Shizuoka Prefecture. The scene is part of a pilot project launched by Shiseido Corp. this month… Continue Reading →

Scientists cure diabetic mouse using pancreas grown in rat

A University of Tokyo-led research team has reversed diabetes in a mouse by injecting it with cells from a healthy pancreas grown in a rat, according to a recently published study.

Lawson deploys robot cashier in efficiency drive

A revolution of sorts is under way at a convenience store in Osaka. Its leader is “Regirobo”, an intelligent checkout machine that automatically rings up customers’ purchases and bags them.

Human activity has killed majority of Earth’s animals, report claims

A new biodiversity survey projects staggering losses of animal life on the planet as a result of human threats such as habitat destruction and poaching, with two-thirds of monitored vertebrate creatures expected to be lost by 2020.

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